‘Thor 5’ Rumor Suggests Marvel Plans To Film Sequel In 2025

Thor is BACK, baby!

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Thor 5 may be coming sooner than fans thought! A new rumor suggests that Marvel is eyeing to begin production on the project in 2025.

Ever since Thor: Love and Thunder belly-flopped into theaters, Marvel fans have been waiting for any news they could get about Thor 5. It seems their prayers have finally been answered, with Hollywood insider DanielRPK revealing that Marvel hopes to start production on the film soon. Specifically, filming is set to begin sometime in the Fall of 2025.

Currently, there’s no director or writer attached to Thor 5. Marvel is actively looking for both, likely to make sure the production timeline stays on track to start shooting next fall. It’s unclear where this would place the film in the MCU’s timeline, especially as the future of the Avengers films has been unclear since Jonathan Majors’ ousting as Kang.

Marvel’s Potential Blockbuster In Thor 5

Thor 5 has the potential to be one of the biggest films Marvel has ever released. While following up a disappointing fourth film, Chris Hemsworth is more billable than ever with his recent role in the Mad Max spin-off Furiosa. That could also solve their director woes, with George Miller revealing he’d be open to working with Hemsworth on any project he could.

This isn’t to mention the cast Marvel could assemble for Thor 5. In addition to Chris Hemsworth, Brett Goldstein is already set up to portray Hercules in a potential sequel. Fans could also see the return of any number of characters, from Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Let’s just hope all this hype doesn’t end up for nothing, again!

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