RUMOR: Sydney Sweeney Is Marvel’s Top Choice For Upcoming Disney Plus Series

Sydney Sweeney swings into the MCU!

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Sydney Sweeney may finally be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! A new rumor suggests that Marvel is eyeing her to play the leading role in an upcoming Disney Plus series.

Not much good can be said about Madame Web. The one exception is the fact that it introduced Sydney Sweeney to the Marvel universe, even if it was an alternate version filled with continuity errors and baffling creative decisions. Ever since the film came out, Marvel fans have been speculating what other roles Sweeney could play if she did end up joining the MCU.

A new rumor suggests that Sydney Sweeney won’t just be joining the MCU, but that she’ll also be leading her own Disney Plus series. According to scooper MyTimeToShineHello, Marvel wants Sweeney to play the leading role in Scarlett Johansson’s rumored Blonde Phantom series.

Everything Fans Know About The Blonde Phantom

News of a Disney Plus series based around The Blonde Phantom first came to light earlier this month. Scarlett Johansson is currently only attached to produce the project for Marvel, with the series also set to be canon to the MCU’s Sacred Timeline.

Sydney Sweeney also isn’t the only actress that Marvel has spoken to about the role. Another rumor suggests that Taylor Swift is in the running to portray The Blonde Phantom in the MCU. However, given the project is set to be a Disney Plus series, it’s likely Marvel would want to go with someone far less expensive than Swift to be the leading lady.

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