Tom Hanks & Wife Rita Wilson ‘Feel Better’ After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson Coronavirus

Tom Hanks revealed that he and his wife Rita Wilson both “feel better” two weeks after testing positive for coronavirus.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson apparently  “feel better,” after suffering from the coronavirus for the last two weeks. The star recently took to Twitter to reassure fans that he and his wife are recovering from the virus while also offering some positive words of wisdom to those not following the official advice about self-quarantine and social-distancing. There’s currently more than 235,000 cases of coronavirus across the world, while 100,600 people have already recovered from the virus.

While a number of other celebrities like Idris Elba and Daniel Dae Kim recently confirmed that they tested positive for the coronavirus, Tom Hanks explained on Twitter that in the two weeks since their first symptoms, he and his wife Rita Wilson are feeling better, but mentioned that by staying isolated you can’t catch or spread the virus. Tom Hanks ended his update by saying that it might take a while, but there is a decent chance of getting over this situation by helping where possible and giving up the odd comfort.

Tom Hanks obviously is not the only celebrity to discuss coronavirus online, most recently Sophie Turner called out Evangeline Lilly for her approach to the pandemic. The Avengers star told fans on Instagram that it was “business as usual” and refused to self-quarantine. The severity of the pandemic means that everyone should be doing their utmost to attempt to curb the spread of the virus, especially since there has been a total of 15,361 deaths at the time of writing. Perhaps Evangeline Lilly needs to take the advice from Tom Hanks and compromise a little.

Stay tuned for the latest news on the impact of the coronavirus on events, movies and notable figures as it develops.

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