‘Venom 3’ Rumor Teases Plans For Spider-Man In Sony’s Marvel Universe

Is Spider-Man finally here!?

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Is Spider-Man finally coming to Sony’s Marvel universe? A new rumor about Venom 3 teases Peter Parker’s role in the upcoming film.

Sony’s Spider-Man villain universe has always been odd, mostly because Peter Parker is nowhere to be seen throughout the entire franchise, despite constant teases of his presence ever since the first Venom movie! Now, with the series finally set to come to an end with Venom 3, a new rumor teases where the Marvel hero has been this whole time.

This rumor comes from a leaked plot synopsis that seems to line up with everything fans know so far about Venom 3. According to the leak, Sony plans to introduce Peter Parker in the film, just not Spider-Man. In fact, Eddie Brock sets out to kill a 10-year-old version of the character to avoid being taken down by him in the future!

Venom’s Future In Marvel Movies

While this is certainly an odd direction for Sony to take Peter Parker and Eddie Brock’s relationship in Venom 3, it won’t be the last fans see of their symbiote on the silver screen. A different rumor suggests a fresh start for the anti-hero in the form of an animated movie, this one helmed by Seth Rogen.

Marvel is also said to bring in the Venom symbiote into the mainstream MCU through Spider-Man. This isn’t confined to a single rumor, with Peter Parker either getting the black suit in Secret Wars or Spider-Man 4. Regardless, it seems Sony’s odd take on the character in Venom 3 will be far from the last in the upcoming future.

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