Ryan Reynolds Leaks A Huge ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ Cameo

Spoiler alert!


With Deadpool and Wolverine set to have a ton of cameos, which for the most part have either been spoiled or rumored, Ryan Reynolds decided to get in on the fun and leak a cameo himself.

Is it another superhero from the MCU or previous 20th Century Fox Marvel movies? Nope! It is none other than Reynolds’ co-star Rob McElhenney from Welcome To Wrexham.

“Rob McElhenney will have a cameo in #DeadpoolAndWolverine,” wrote a Twitter user. “Confirmed on tonight’s new episode of Welcome To Wrexham!”

The entertaining video above shows Reynolds in his Deadpool costume along with McElhenney, who is covered up in a parka jacket to hide his costume.

However, one eagle eyed Twitter user took a closer look and spotted orange on the opening of McElhenney’s jacket which seems to reveal he is either playing a TVA agent or Minuteman.

“TVA in orange under the jacket?” said the X user.

From reference we included a pic of the TVA Minutemen below.

Seems like an accurate guess in our opinion. Reminds us of the time Daniel Craig made a cameo in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens where he played a stormtrooper.

Deadpool and Wolverine is set to be one of the biggest Marvel movies of all time. The hype for the film is palpable. Despite its release still being two months away, it seems theaters are cashing in early as tickets for the project have officially gone on sale

Deadpool Meets Wolverine and…Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman isn’t the only Logan star set to make his return in Deadpool and Wolverine. A popular rumor suggests that his co-star Dafne Keen will be making her return as X-23 in the Marvel project. While many fans wanted Keen as the MCU’s Wolverine, this cameo may be a small consolation prize.

Dafne Keen and Hugh Jackman are also said to be joined by multiple variants in Deadpool and Wolverine. Rumors suggest that everyone from Daniel Radcliffe to Taron Egerton could appear in the project as different versions of Logan. If true, the film will truly be a celebration of everything that is, was, and could be Wolverine!

Deadpool and Wolverine is currently expected to be released on July 26, 2024. 

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