The DC & Marvel Fandom Disparity

A lot is always made of the difference between DC and Marvel. Not only with respect to the comics, but more recently, with their cinematic endeavors. You will find your purists who will align on one side of the fence or the other.  You will find your cine-philes who just like the movies and don’t know much of the history. You will even find those who love all the things – though they are a rare breed.

I myself, was a cine-phile, drawn in by Iron Man in 2008, and haven’t stopped since. I morphed over the years into going back through history and reading the comics from which these stories, loosely or otherwise are based. But, now, I have turned into one of the rare that loves all the things. I have stated several times, and if you look back through some of my history on this site (here, here, here, and here), I most definitely have a bias toward Marvel, specifically those from Marvel Studios. However, I still eagerly anticipate DC movies. The Wonder Woman footage screened at SDCC looked incredible. The trailer of Justice League has me SO excited for that movie. On the Fox side of the house, I absolutely loved Deadpool, though I wish they would get their ish together like Sony did and realize that playing along with Marvel Studios might not be such a bad idea (my thoughts another time).

The thing is folks, we are living in the “Golden Age of Superhero Cinema”, can we please not mess it up for each other? If you are a DC purist, that’s fine! Marvel purist, go ahead! Like both? Enjoy yourself! Because we are living in the best time for these stories. 

Which leads me to wonder, why the divide? Why are the “two camps” so different? Why do we have the director of Suicide Squad proclaiming “F**k Marvel” at the premiere, soliciting a response from Stan Lee himself? 

Sure some of that might be playful banter between two rivals on the playing field, but why egg on the fans of the divided camps? Why are the fandoms so different?


Heroic Staff

Heroic Staff

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