James Gunn Confirms Deathstroke Is Coming To His DC Universe

The return of Slade!

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Deathstroke is making his way back to the big screen! James Gunn recently confirmed that the iconic mercenary will return in his DC Universe.

The new DC Universe is set to be filled with heavy hitters, from classic titans to obscure favorites. However, one name that’s been mysteriously missing from any project so far is Deathstroke, one of the most iconic villains to ever grace comics. However, in responding to a comment on a social media post reading “Please wink if you have plans for Deathstroke,” James Gunn seemed to confirm the character’s role in an upcoming project.

It’s unclear what project James Gunn has in mind when teasing his plans for Deathstroke. The villain is often associated with the Teen Titans, which were recently confirmed to be getting a movie in the DC Universe. However, it’s possible the character will return sooner in a project such as Superman or Peacemaker season 2.

Deathstroke’s History With DC Movies

Deathstroke has had one of the most interesting histories when it comes to DC Universe projects that hit the big screen. The villain was infamously teased at the end of Justice League, setting him up to return as a founding member of the Legion of Doom. Those plans were scrapped once James Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC Studios for a reboot.

However, James Gunn himself also had plans for Deathstroke in The Suicide Squad. Early concept art revealed he was going to lead the team instead of Bloodsport. This shows that the villain was always on Gunn’s mind when crafting his corners of the DC Universe, further supporting that his return is likely coming sooner rather than later.

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