The Best Movies of 2016 So Far

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2. Tickled

The less you know about Tickled going in, the better. The controversial documentary from David Farrier and Dylan Reeve is a perversely fascinating, hauntingly eye-opening work of nonfiction, resulting in one of the finest pieces of investigative journalism ever produced in the medium. In the vein of Catfish, The Thin Blue Line and Zoo, it’s a blistering study on a subculture you’d never expect to see explored on film, and one you’d be lucky to not know firsthand. It’s twisted. It’s disturbed. It’s brave. It’s utterly wrenching, and it feels dangerous simply watching it. This is the kind of film that will be studied in classrooms across the country in the near future, and as the narrative behind it continues to develop with each passing day, it would be in your best interest to check this one out as soon as possible. It’s at once bonkers and visceral, as unsettling as it is deeply absorbing. I don’t want to want to risk saying any more. Please check this one out when you get the chance, even if it’s just on HBO or Netflix. It’s guaranteed to get under your skin.

Will Ashton

Will Ashton

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